Start scanning

Start scanning
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Start scanning

To start, just place your pages into the scanner, adjust the width of the paper guide, and press the green Scan button.

Documents scanned with the ScanSnap Evernote Edition will be:

  • scanned double-sided
  • automatically rotated and oriented properly
  • automatically cropped
  • saved as the appropriate file format
  • searchable inside Evernote by any text inside the document

Scan everything

Scan everything with ScanSnap

You can scan a whole stack of different types of documents at once with ScanSnap Evernote Edition. Each stack of papers, business card, photo, or receipt will be automatically recognized, put into a unique note, and organized accordingly.

By default, everything you scan is automatically recognized, processed and auto-filed. If you plan to scan a batch of similar papers, change to the appropriate Scan mode from the ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition options inside the task bar or menu bar.

Scan by document type

ScanSnap Evernote manager

If you plan to scan a large number of documents of a similar type, such as a batch of receipts, you can ensure they are all filed as receipts by changing the scanning mode from Automatic to the Receipts, or whichever type of file you'll be scanning.

To do this, simply open the ScanSnap Manager preferences from the task bar or menu bar and select the type of document you'll be scanning: Documents, Business Cards, Receipts, or Photos.


Scan your mail, bills, warranties, tax returns, and more. Evernote gives you the ability to search inside scanned documents so you'll always have access to your most important information.

A stack of regular pages is recognized as a single document and stored as a PDF file.

Business cards

All those business cards you've been collecting don't need to clutter your workspace. Place them face-down in the document feeder and scan them all at once to Evernote.

Each business card is saved as a picture inside an individual Evernote note.



From expense reports to taxes, it's important to keep your receipts. Better yet, let Evernote keep them for you.

Each receipt is saved as a picture inside an individual Evernote note.


Your cherished memories, preserved in one place. Place them face-down in the document feeder to easily scan them into Evernote.

Each photograph is stored in an individual note as a high-resolution scanned image.


Scanning Tips

  • Make sure you raise the paper chute prior to beginning a scan.
  • Make sure documents are centered by adjusting the paper chute brackets.
  • Adjust ScanSnap Manager settings to improve the accuracy of business card scans. (Open ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition settings, choose the Business Cards tab, then set ‘Image resolution’ to Best and ‘Compression’ to Low.)