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Tips & techniques
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Tips & techniques

Tips for capturing images the Evernote camera


Follow these tips for optimal results:

  1. Write clearly with dark ink for best handwriting recognition.
  2. Lay the notebook flat on a dark background. Edges of the page will be detected automatically as long as there is a contrast between the page and background.
  3. Lay the green bookmark string flat between the two pages so the page edge is detected and cropped.
  4. If not already on, turn on the camera flash or capture images in good, even background light (between many lights, or in indirect sunlight).
  5. Position your device so that the entire page, including the edges, is visible within the camera viewing area. Tap anywhere on the image capture area of the screen to keep image in focus.

The default mode on the iOS Evernote camera is set to 'auto-capture', so the notebook page will automatically be detected and captured. On Android devices, tap the shutter button once you're ready to capture the page.

Note: Always make sure you've installed the latest version of Evernote


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    bob duyn

    when will evernote business be available for android?