Scannable previews

Although Scannable automatically enhances images after they're scanned, it's still a good idea to review images you've scanned to make sure they look the way you expected them to look.


Review your scans

Review your scanned images in one of two ways:

1. In the scan tray

Each scan can be previewed as a thumbnail. Swipe back and forth across the tray on the capture screen to review all the images in the set.


  • To clear the tray of all scanned images: Tap the trash can located above the scan tray

    Delete scans

  • To approve all the scanned images in a set: Tap the checkmark in the thumbnail tray to accept all the images in a particular set of scans


2. In detailed mode

Tap a thumbnail to preview a larger, more detailed view of the image. Swipe left or right to view the rest of the scanned images in the set. Double-tap or pinch to zoom.


Label your scans or sets of scanned images


Rename scans


To label a scanned image or set of scanned images (for multiple scans at once), tap the 'Scannable Document' text field and enter a name.



Adjust the image 

Tap the options button (three horizontal dots) to adjust the image:

  • Delete: Remove the image
  • Rotate: Rotate the image in a counter clock-wise direction
  • Crop: Crop the image
  • Restore: Restore original color and quality to the image

Preview contact info captured from business cards

Scannable captures information from business cards saves it to a new contact page. From this contact page, you can email or call someone directly. Tap the 'x' to exit this view.



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