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Do I need an Evernote account?

Though not required, Evernote helps you get the most out of Scannable. Connecting Scannable to Evernote gives you the following advantages:

  • Evernote recognizes text on business cards and can pull relevant information into a specially-formatted contact note.
  • Scanned documents saved to Evernote are easily searchable and shareable. Evernote uses a form of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so you can search PDFs and images.
  • Easily share scanned images with social networks via Evernote

In order to save to Evernote, you will prompted to either login to an existing Evernote account or download/install Evernote and sign up for a new account.


How do I see scanned documents and business cards on my computer?

Any scans you've shared, posted, texted, or emailed as a link are saved into Evernote and automatically synced across all your devices. Just install Evernote on your computer and other devices to view your notes.


How do I choose the file type for scanned images?

You can choose whether to save scanned items as images or PDFs in the app settings. Tap the three dots button from the capture screen, then tap Settings > File Type. By default, 'Auto' will save single-page scans as images and multi-page scans as PDFs.


What is Evernote's Privacy Policy?

Evernote values your privacy in your personal information and your Content that you store in our Service. For full details, see Evernote's Privacy Policy.


Business card scanning


How do I scan glossy cards?

If you see glare on a glossy business card, Evernote may not recognize the information. Simply tilt the camera at a slight angle before taking the picture. Follow the scanning tips in this guide for more information.


What can I do if details on a card have been recognized incorrectly?

The design of business cards significantly impacts the results of text recognition. Please follow the scanning tips in this guide for optimal results.


How do I save business card contact notes to the address book on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?

Tap the scanned card in the scan tray, then tap Save Contact to save all the contact information to the address book or contacts list on your device.


Can I save contacts to Microsoft Outlook or other address books?

Yes. Once you've saved a contact to the contacts list on your device, follow the device instructions for syncing your device with Outlook and other address books. Go to your device Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanners


What if there are more than one Evernote ScanSnap scanners on my network?

Scannable detects scanners based on their unique serial numbers (found on the bottom of each scanner). You can choose from any scanners detected.


Can more than one person on my network share the same scanner?

Yes. Anyone with Scannable can use the same scanner if they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Only one person, however, can use Scannable to scan from a particular scanner at a time.


I used to be able to pull contact information from LinkedIn when I scanned a business card. What happened?

The LinkedIn integration is no longer available. Read more in our discussion forums: Important: Our LinkedIn integration is changing.



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