Evernote Web Clipper is a simple extension for your web browser that lets you capture full-page articles, images, selected text, important emails, and any web page that inspires you.

Get Evernote Web Clipper

Available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge (for Windows 10 or higher)


Save your first web clip in 3 steps:

Step 1Launch Web Clipper to start clipping

Click the elephant button in your browser toolbar to launch Web Clipper. For easier access, make sure to pin the Web Clipper extension so you can start clipping immediately!


Step 1: Start Web Clipper

Step 2Choose a clip type

Save the entire article with the Article clip type, remove clutter with the Simplified Article clip type, or take a screenshot and annotate it with the Screenshot clip type.


Step 2: Choose clip type

Step 3Save to Evernote

Once you’ve clipped what you need, simply click “Save Clip” to save to Evernote. If you want to organize your clip into a different notebook, add a tag, or add a comment, you can do that easily right before you clip!


Step 3: Save to Evernote


Get Evernote Web Clipper



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