Add notification alerts to web clips

Available for Google Chrome and Safari

Add reminders

Clip event details or travel confirmations with email or in-app notifications to remind you of important deadlines.


Find notes created with Web Clipper

Find notes created from Web Clipper

Evernote lets you use a search filter to show only notes created using the Web Clipper. To bring up a list of all the notes created with the Web Clipper, enter "source:web.clip" in the search bar.


Explore notes related to web clips

Available for Google Chrome and Safari

Evernote Web Clipper is more than a tool for capturing new notes, it also helps you remember other information you have saved to your Evernote account. After you capture a Web Clip, the confirmation box displays Related Notes from your Evernote account, as well as notes that you have previously captured from the same website.

Find related notes

Based on the content of your new Web Clip, Evernote attempts to suggest other notes in your account that may inspire you. Open these notes in Evernote from the Web Clipper confirmation panel.


View related notes in search engine results

Available for Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

To view related notes from your Evernote account whenever you search the Web with some of the most common search engines, including Google, Bing, or Yahoo, enable the related results option from your Web Clipper settings.

Related Results

To enable the related results feature, launch the Web Clipper, click Settings, and scroll down to Related results and check the box that says Show Evernote content related to my web searches.



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