Use zoom and drift for more detailed work

Penultimate 5.0 and later versions come with the ability to:

  • Zoom in on a page for a close-up view of a particular area on the page for more detailed writing or sketching.
  • Automatically drift the page towards the edge of the page while in close-up view, so you don't need to worry about repositioning the paper as you write.

How to zoom in and out of a page

To zoom in, use the two-finger, expand gesture to zoom in on a particular area on the page

Zoom in

To zoom out, use the two-finger, pinch gesture to zoom out of the page and return to a full-page view

Zoom out


How zoom works

Penultimate splits your screen into two adjustable sections. The lower area on the screen displays a magnified, zoomed-in view of a specified area on the page, while the top part of screen displays your page in its actual size.

Zoom mode


Zoom options:

  • Select an area of the page to magnify: With one finger, press and slide the magnifier box to position it over an area of the page you'd like to magnify.
  • Resize the zoom box: Press and slide the button with three lines (at the top of the Zoom box) up and down to make the zoom box larger or smaller.
  • Two-finger scroll: With two fingers, press and slide anywhere inside the zoom box to move up and down the note.

How Drift works

With Drift enabled, you'll notice that as you begin to write, the page automatically drifts towards the left of the screen. The faster you write, the faster the page moves. Slow down, and the slower the page moves. Drift adjusts to your writing speed and slows down when it you're near the edge of a page.


Drift options:

  • Start a new line of text: Tap the return button (left-pointing arrow) located near the bottom of the screen. This reposition the page so you can start writing a new line of text. This works much like a Return key does on a computer keyboard.
  • Disable Drift: To keep the page "locked" in place, tap the pause button at the bottom of the screen. This is useful when you want to keep the page in a particular position for more detailed writing or edits. When Drift is paused, the page stops moving. To enable Drift again, press the play button at the bottom of the screen.



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