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Start writing

1. Select the paper

Paper options

Once you've selected the notebook and have decided to create a new note, you are prompted to select a paper type (default types are blank, lined or graph paper) to use as a background for your note. You can change the paper type at any time, even if you've already written or drawn something on the note.

There are additional collections available for you to choose from including, storyboarding templates, music scores, and a variety of lined and graph papers. Learn more

To change the paper type of a page, do the following:

  1. Tap the paper button (lined paper) in the toolbar.
  2. Tap the paper type you'd like to use.

2. Do more with writing tools



The toolbar

  • Penultimate tool penPen (default): This fine point tip comes in the following stroke sizes: 01, 02, 05, 07, 09. It is the default tool shown next to the checkmark. Tap to expand and view the entire set of tools on the toolbar. Once you've selected another tool, that will become the current tool you'll need to tap to expand the toolbar.
  • Close Penultimate toolbarHide toolbar: Tap the right angled bracket ('>') to collapse the toolbar
  • Penultimate page trayPage tray: Slide out the page thumbnail tray to jump to another section of the note, to insert new pages, to delete pages, and to clear the contents of a specific page.
  • Penultimate paper optionsPaper: Change the paper design at any time
  • Add picture to Penultimate notePicture: Insert an image or photo saved to your device or taken from camera
  • Connect stylusStylus: Connect your Jot Script Evernote Edition stylus (blue target=success; blue slash=disconnected)
  • Undo writingUndo: Reverse the last change or edit made to the note
  • Redo writingRedo: Return to the change or edit most recently undone
  • Penultimate eraserEraser: Erase unwanted marks or strokes
  • Cut strokeCut and Copy: Copy/Cut and paste selected strokes or shapes
  • penultimate color pickerColor: Select or change the pen or highlighter color
  • Penultimate highlighterHighlighter: Highlight with a transparent marker and select a stroke size: 02, 04, 06

3. Save your note

Save changes to Penultimate noteTap the checkmark to save any changes made to your note and to return to the note list view


4. Organize all your content

Move or remove sections of a page

The knife tool lets you select specific areas of the page to cut or copy, then paste elsewhere on the page or in a different Penultimate note in an entirely separate notebook.


Cut/copy example

Start by selecting a particular section of the page:

  1. Tap the knife tool
  2. With your finger or a stylus, trace a line around the area of the page that you want to copy or cut. A blue dotted line will appear around the area.

To move or remove a particular section of the page, do the following:

  1. Tap Cut or Copy.
  2. Tap and hold on the spot where you want the center of the copied or cut area to be located. The Paste button will appear.
  3. Tap Paste. The copied or cut section will appear in its new location.


Manage pages within a note


Add or remove pages and page content

Manage pages options

To add or remove pages and page content, do the following:

  1. Tap the three vertical squares to slide out the page tray.
  2. Tap Edit to view list of options.
  3. Tap to select each page you'd like to edit or tap 'Rotate all pages' to change the layout of every page in the note.
  4. Select one of the following options: 'Delete*', 'Clear content*', or 'New note from selection'.
  5. To add a new page to the note, tap the page you'd like the new page to follow, and tap the '+' at the bottom of the tray.
  6. Tap the 'X' to hide the page tray.

*Note: Penultimate only lets you delete pages if there are more than two existing pages in the note and only let you clear the contents of a page if any content is detected.


Rearrange pages within a note

Reorder pages options

To rearrange the order of note pages:

  1. Tap the three vertical squares to slide out the page tray.
  2. Tap Edit to view list of options.
  3. Press and hold down on the page you'd like to relocate.
  4. Drag the page up or down to move it towards the desired location.
  5. Lift your finger or stylus away from the screen when you're done moving it.
  6. Tap the 'X' to hide the page tray.


View and manage notes and notebooks

Penultimate organizes all your notes into notebooks so you can find them more easily later. These notebooks are synced and saved to your Evernote account.

    • View notebooks: To view your entire collection of Evernote notebooks, tap the notebook name at the top of the notes view screen.

    • View notes in a notebook:

      Tap any notebook (circle)

      Manage notes and notebooks

    • Rename a note or notebook:

      Press and hold the note or notebook and slide your finger over the 'i' to rename.

    • Delete a note or notebook:

      Press and hold a note or notebook and slide your finger over the trash can to delete it.

      You can only delete a notebook if you are signed in to Evernote and it is not the last remaining notebook in Penultimate (there must alway be at least one notebook in Penultimate).

Note: We no longer offer bug fixes for vulnerabilities or any other updates, including security patches, for Penultimate