Share with your team

Share with your team

Share with your team

When your team’s projects have a centralized location in Evernote Business, everyone can quickly access the most current assets from any of their their devices - computer, tablet, or phone.

Creating a shared information library

For every team, a system for sharing information between team members is essential. Without one, it’s challenging to find documents, notes, and files when you need to take action on them.

Evernote makes creating a shared information library simple. It’s quick to set up, can be readily shared among many contributors, and is easier to build, use, and maintain than a dedicated intranet or wiki. Learn more >>


Decide what to include

When thinking about what to keep in your team’s shared library, a good place to start is with the documents and information that virtually everyone at your company needs to reference.

Commonly-needed documents may include:

  • Project templates
  • Status checklists
  • Company goals
  • Employee manuals
  • Approval forms
  • IT guides

Collecting these key documents in your library makes it easy for your team to find them when they need them.

Share notebooks with your team

For notebooks to be a team resource, you’ll need to share them with others. Notebooks that are shared with the entire team can be found in the Business Home. This is the central access point to see what others in the company have shared and are working on.

If you want to share with a select group of people instead of your entire business, click the Share button to select specific recipients. From there, you can control what level of access to the content each invitee has.

If you're just getting started with Evernote, learn how to share notebooks here.

Use the admin console to share and manage team content

As the account admin on your team's Evernote Business account, you'll use the admin console to manage the content your team has created and shared. To view and modify notebook settings, such as permissions, or to invite more people to share a notebook, click Notebooks from the navigation menu, and choose a notebook to display its settings. Learn more >>

Note: Account admins and notebook owners can grant additional 'edit' and 'edit and invite' permission to anyone or everyone in the company.

Video tutorials

Sharing notes and notebooks in Evernote | Windows | Mac

印象笔记入门指南-共享笔记与笔记本 | Windows; | Mac




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