Welcome to the new Evernote Web

Welcome to the new Evernote Web

Welcome to the new Evernote Web

Evernote Web has been redesigned to be light, fast, and clear, and packs all the powerful features you expect from Evernote.

What's New?

  • Improved UI for distraction-free writing
  • New menus and toolbars for better navigation and formatting
  • Work Chat for easy collaboration and sharing

Updated side navigation menu

Click the side menu buttons to view shortcuts, notes, notebooks, and tags in a slide-out panel


Distraction-free writing

Click the expand button (two arrows) to hide the side panel when writing in a note


Easy access to formatting toolbar

Click anywhere inside a note to access the new formatting toolbar at the top of the screen


Collaborate and share notes & notebooks

Click the share button (chat bubble with arrow) to share directly from your web browser


Quick access to account settings

Click your profile image in the bottom-left corner to access account settings or log out


Improved notebook info settings

Click the info button (letter ‘i’) at the top of a notebook to:

  • Change notebook name (title)
  • Set default notebook
  • Delete notebook
  • Share

Updated note info settings

Click the info button (letter ‘i’) at the top of a note to:

  • View created and updated dates
  • Access note history
  • Share

See the Evernote Guide for more about what you can do in Evernote.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you redesign Evernote Web?

We redesigned Evernote Web so that it’s easy to learn and use. We minimized distractions with a clean and simple UI to give you a workspace you can rely on when you simply need to work.

Where are my notes and notebooks lists? Can I keep them open?

  • Notes list: To view your notes list, click the ‘Notes’ button from the side menu. The note list stays open until you click the expand button (two arrows) in a note.
  • Notebooks list: To view your notebooks list, click the ‘Notebooks’ button from the side menu. The notebook list stays open until you select a notebook to view.

Can I change how my note list appears?

Yes. In the notes list, click Options to see the sort and view options. From the options menu, check ‘Show images’ to show thumbnails in the note list and check ‘Show text’ to show text snippets from each note.

How do I move notes between notebooks?

To move personal notes between personal notebooks, select a note, then select the name of the current notebook located just above the note title. Select the notebook where you want to move the note. Notes cannot be moved between personal notebooks and business notebooks in Evernote Web.

How do I create a notebook stack?

To create a notebook stack, drag one notebook on top of another in your notebook list. Title your stack then add more notebooks by dragging additional notebooks into the stack list.

How do I add a tag to a note?

To add a tag to a note, click New tag... above the note title or click the plus sign ('+’) if there is already at least one tag.

How do I nest tags?

To nest tags, drag and drop one tag on top of another. The tag you dragged will become nested under the new main tag. You can add additional tags to the nest by dragging them to the main tag. You can remove a tag from the nest by either dragging it to the left or in between tags, until you see "Remove from [main tag]".

How do I view PDFs and documents?

Click the attachment button (rectangle with an image of a paperclip) to download the document and view it on your computer. There’s currently no way to view the document preview inside the note.

How do I access my company’s business home? (Evernote Business only)

To view a list of all published and joined business notebooks, click the notebook button from the side navigation menu, select Business, then click All Business Notebooks. From this list, you can hover over the notebook and click the plus (‘+’) or minus (‘-’) buttons to either join or leave business notebooks.

To view the business summary or company directory, access the business home from Evernote for Mac or Evernote for Windows desktop apps.

Can I go back to the old version of Evernote Web?

If your account has accessed the old version of Evernote Web before, you’ll still be able to switch to and from it for a short time. You can do this by clicking here or following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account settings in Evernote Web
  2. Click ‘Go back to old version’



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