Tools: Templates

Tools: Templates
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Tools: Templates

Each template is designed to make it easy for you to begin using Evernote right away. If you'd like, you can use each template as-is, or you can customize each one to meet your needs—it's up to you.


How to use templates

  1. Open the note template
  2. Click the Save to Evernote button to add the template to your own account.
  3. Select the notebook you'd like to copy the template to.

Once the template is copied to the destination notebook, you can rename it and edit it. Anytime you need to add another template to that notebook, just copy the note into one of your notebooks once again.



Evernote Business Reference

Evernote Business Deployment Checklist
Evernote Business Organizational Structure
Evernote Business Organizational Structure - Sample


Company-Wide Information

Company Directory
Company Updates
Employee Handbook
2018 Planning Templates 


Customer Relationships

Customer/client Consulting Session Details
Customer/Contact Relationship Management
Ideas & Inspiration Collection
Incident Response



Expense Tracker



Marketing Asset Library
Marketing Calendar
Marketing Persona



Conference Session Notes
Meeting Agenda (Expanded)
Meeting Agenda (Standard)
Phone Log


Project Management

Project Plan


Real Estate

Real Estate: About Me
Real Estate: Client Information
Real Estate: Document Checklist
Real Estate: Meeting Notes
Real Estate: Potential Properties
Real Estate: Upcoming Open Houses



Applicant Tracker


“Pro-tip Share these templates with your team so they can get the knowledge they need to be more productive.



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