Templates make it easy to create great notes quickly, without having to start from scratch. When you create a note, try starting with one of our 50+ templates. In addition, if you have an Evernote paid subscription, you can turn any of your notes into templates.

How to use templates

We’ve created dozens of templates to help you get started. To view the collection and save a few for yourself, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit evernote.com/templates in your web browser
  2. Choose a template you’d like to save
  3. Click View template to preview the full template
  4. Click Save to Evernote in the upper right corner of the page

Repeat this for as many templates as you’d like to save. Your saved templates are displayed with preview images and are synced to your account so they’re available on all of your devices. To view your saved templates, create a new note and click or tap Template in the note body.

See How to use templates for more information.




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