Create company account

Create company account

Create company account

Once you've prepared and communicated a rollout plan, you're ready to create an Evernote Business account for your team.


How to create an Evernote account for your company

There are two ways to create a new account, depending on whether you are new to Evernote or already have a personal Evernote account.

If you have an existing Evernote account:

Login to your personal account and upgrade it to an Evernote Business account

Sign into Evernote

More about upgrading an existing account


If you're new to Evernote:

  1. Go to the Evernote Business website and click Sign Up Now

    Sign up for new account

  2. Fill out the form fields

    Create a new account


Add additional account admins

Get started by assigning a minimum of two people as administrators for your company’s account. Having multiple administrators ensures continuity even as teams change or people leave the company. An administrator may be an officer of your company, an IT staffer, a manager, or someone in a similar position. You can add administrators to your company’s Evernote Business account in the admin console.


Video tutorials

Evernote Business Admin Console | Windows | Mac

印象笔记入门指南-印象笔记企业版管理控制台 | Windows | Mac



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