Create a rollout plan

Create a rollout plan
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Create a rollout plan

As with any project, it's good to plan ahead—define success, find who your champions are, and create a framework for getting the entire team on board. The four components of a good rollout plan include:

  1. Create a plan
  2. Admin + Team Lead training
  3. Set up Evernote Teams
  4. Launch Evernote Teams

Review the details of each component below.

1. Create a plan

  • ✔  Get clear on goals for using Evernote Teams
  • ✔  Decide who your account admins will be
  • ✔  Identify team leads that will help in the deployment
  • ✔  Determine what content needs to be shared with which teams
  • ✔  Create a timeline for deployment tasks and assign owners
  • ✔  Schedule a realistic launch date based on your timeline

2. Admin + Team Lead training

  • ✔  Admin console training
  • ✔  Evernote Teams fundamental training

3. Set up Evernote Teams

  • ✔  Create an organizational structure for team(s) in Evernote
  • ✔  Set up company-wide or team-specific spaces and list them in the Space Directory (create naming conventions and structures for each space)
  • ✔  Fill spaces with notebooks and notes that follow your naming conventions
  • ✔  Create a "How to Use this Space" note which details the specific workflows of that space, approved tags, naming conventions, and any other "rules" of the space, then pin this note to the top of the space
  • ✔  Create reference documentation for how Evernote Teams is used on your team and share this notebook with the team

4. Launch Evernote Teams

  • ✔  Communicate Evernote Teams to your team
  • ✔  Add users using the admin console (users will receive email invitations)
  • ✔  Have all users install Evernote on their devices (these steps are included in user sign-up process)
  • ✔  Share Evernote Teams Productivity Hub (training videos and resources included)
  • ✔  Determine what to cover during Evernote Teams workflow training
  • ✔  Schedule a workflow training and invite your team to the training
  • ✔  Create workflow-specific Evernote training (customized for your teams)
  • ✔  Check in with the team to see how deployment is going
  • ✔  Let the team know how to get help


Save a copy of the Simple Checklist template
[ TEMPLATE ] - Evernote Teams Deployment ( Simple Checklist ) - English only

Save a copy of the Detailed Checklist template
[ TEMPLATE ] - Evernote Teams Deployment ( Detailed Checklist ) - English only



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