How to add users to your Evernote Business account

How to add users to your Evernote Business account
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How to add users to your Evernote Business account

Invite individuals to join your account

Add users

Send invitations to join the business from the admin console:

  1. Click Add Users from the navigation menu
  2. Enter the business email address of each person you'd like to invite
  3. Click Invite when you're ready to send the invitations

Each person will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to join the team's Evernote Business account.

Note: Evernote Business accounts created before September 15, 2017 have the ability to set up automatic approvals to join the business. Learn more >>

Add seats to your invoice account

Screenshot of admin console

If your Evernote Business account is set up for invoice billing, you have a specific number of seats you can invite users to. To increase the number of seats in your account:

  1. Sign in to the admin console in your web browser.
  2. On the 'Summary' page, click Add Seats under the 'Seats Remaining' bubble.
  3. Type in the total number of seats you would like to have (including the seat count you have now) and click Update.
    For example, if you currently have 20 seats, and would like to add 10 more, type in 30.

After increasing the seat count, you'll be able to see the additional invitations on the 'Add users' page in the admin console. Our billing team will generate an invoice for the additional seats and send it to the billing email listed on your account.

Check the status of an invitation

Check the status of sent invitations on the 'Manage Users' page in the admin console. If someone forgets to accept the invitation they received, you can resend it. If you've changed your mind, you can revoke it.



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