How to use Evernote for Android Wear

How to use Evernote for Android Wear
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How to use Evernote for Android Wear

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Evernote for Android Wear lets you create notes on your watch using simple voice commands. Simply tap and swipe to find notes and check off items in to-do lists created in Evernote.


Install Evernote for Android Wear

  1. You can install Evernote for Android Wear on your phone from Google Play Store or directly from the Android Wear app (check list of compatible apps)

    Install Evernote for Android Wear

  2. Evernote automatically appears on your watch once it’s near your phone
  3. From the Android Wear app on your phone, select Take a note, and select Evernote to make it your default note taking app for your watch

Create notes

Take a Note

To create a note any time, say,"OK Google, take a note”, or tap Take a note from the watch menu, then simply speak your notes and it will be transcribed into text. Notes will sync to Evernote when your phone is nearby.


Access notes and to-do lists

Watch menu

To start Evernote for Android Wear, say “OK, Google, start Evernote”. You can also replace "start" with "open" or "launch.” If prefer not to use voice commands, scroll through the menu of commands, tap Start… from that list, and select Evernote to start the app.

Once Evernote for Android Wear has been launched and phone is nearby, you can find notes, access to-do lists, and receive recent or suggested notes from Evernote.


View notes

Find icon

Find : Say what you’re looking for and Evernote displays the top three matches

Nearby Notes icon

Nearby Notes : View the three notes created closest to your current location

Recent Notes icon

Recent Notes : View the three notes opened most recently on your phone


Tips for viewing notes

  • To scroll through the list on your watch, swipe up and down
  • To open a particular note, simply tap on the note
  • To view a note on your phone, swipe left when viewing on your watch, and select Open on phone

View to-dos

To-dos List

Checklists, or notes with checkboxes, created in Evernote can be viewed and checked off directly from your watch. Any checklists you’ve updated on your watch will be synced with Evernote and accessible from any of your other computers or devices.

To access all your to-do notes, start Evernote on your watch, then tap to-dos. Swipe up and down to see a list of all your to-do notes.


More ways to use Evernote checklists

  • View an entire checklist: Tap a to-do note to view all the items of a checklist as one, fast-scrolling vertical list
  • View checklist items one at a time: For any given to-do note, swipe left to view each checklist item one at a time (one checkbox per screen). For to-do notes with multiple checklist items, continue to swipe left for the next item in the list. Swipe right to return to the previous item in your checklist.
  • Add new checklist items: Tap a to-do note to view all the items of a checklist, scroll down to the bottom of the list, tap Add a checkbox, then speak the text for the new checklist item you wish to add

Discover auto-displayed notes

  • Seamless viewing between phone and watch : View a note on your Android phone, lock the screen, and see that note will appear on your watch
  • Upcoming meetings: When a recurring meeting is coming up, Evernote automatically shows previous meeting notes and contact notes from your last meeting

Frequently asked questions

How do I uninstall Evernote for Android Wear?

You can uninstall Evernote for Android Wear from your phone settings, as you would with other Android application.

After installing Evernote for Android Wear on my phone, I still don’t see Evernote on my watch. Why is this?

There are a couple things you can try:

  • Make sure you’ve installed Google’s Android Wear app from the Google Play Store on your phone
  • Make sure your Android phone is properly connected to the Internet when downloading and installing the Evernote for Android Wear app
  • If all necessary apps have been downloaded, make sure that bluetooth is enabled on your phone and your watch is nearby. Verify the watch and phone are paired properly.

Can I change the order in which my watch notifications appear?

No, you cannot change the order in which notifications appear at the moment.

Can I search for notes if my watch is offline?

Offline note searching is not available. Because your watch accesses the Internet through your phone, your phone needs to be nearby in order for you to search for notes.

Can I view business notes?

Support for business notes is not available in the current version.

Can I view my Evernote notebooks and shortcuts?

Access to Evernote notebooks and shortcuts is currently not available.

Why do some notes not expand to show more content when I tap them after a search (Find, Recent Notes, or Nearby)?

There are two possible reasons:

  1. If a note has encrypted text, you will not be able to view the entire note on your watch
  2. The note may have images. To view just the text in the note, swipe left

Whenever you are unable to see all the contents of a note on your watch, you can easily bring it up on your phone instead. To view the note on your phone, simply swipe up or down to view the note, swipe to the left, tap 'Open on phone', and unlock your phone. The note is automatically displayed on your phone (even if the Evernote app is not open).

How can I set Evernote as my default note taking app on my watch?

Once you’ve installed Google’s Android Wear app and the Evernote for Android Wear app, open the Android Wear app on your phone, select Take a note, and select Evernote to make it your default note taking app for your watch


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