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What is an 'upload limit'?

Any time you edit and sync your account, you transfer a certain amount of data to Evernote. Your upload limit is the amount of data you can transfer each month. Your upload limit depends on which Evernote account you have.

Types of actions that use up your monthly upload data:

  • Editing text inside a note
  • Editing a file that's attached inside a note
  • Rotating or deleting a picture inside a note

Upload limit vs. storage space

  • Upload limit: The amount of new data your account can sync each month
  • Storage space: The total amount of data your account uses, once your data has successfully synced

More about upload limits and other account limits

How do I check my current upload amount?

Check your current upload amount on your ‘Account Summary' page.

Why did I run out of upload data?

Depending on how you use your account, you may run out of upload data for a specific month. Here are some common reasons why:

Why hasn't my upload limit been reset?

Upload limits are reset each month on the date the account was created or upgraded.


  • If you created your Evernote account on March 15, then your upload limit will be reset on the 15th day of each subsequent month (not on the first day of each month)
  • If you upgrade to Evernote Personal on May 8th, then your upload limit will reset on the 8th day of each subsequent month

To see how many days remain before your upload limit resets, go to your 'Account Summary' page.

Whose upload data is used in shared notebooks?

With shared notebooks, upload data is counted toward the notebook owner's monthly upload limit. Keep in mind, however, that note size limits are still determined by each individual note creator's account.


  • If an Evernote Personal subscriber shares a notebook with someone with a Free account, all notes created or edited in that notebook count toward the Personal subscriber's upload limit. However, the person with Evernote Free can only create notes up to 25 MB in size while the Personal subscriber can create notes up to 200 MB in size.



  • quota
  • upload quota
  • monthly upload


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