A table of contents in Evernote is a note with a list of links to other notes, or an index. Create a table of contents to make it easier to find related notes all in one place.

Manually create a table of contents note

You can create a table of contents by copying the note links of individual notes and pasting them into a new or existing note.

Your table of contents can include links to both Evernote content and outside content. If you have project-related spreadsheets and documents that were created outside of Evernote, copy the share links to those items and paste them into a note in Evernote.

Automatically create a table of contents note

In older versions of Evernote, you can create a table of contents with one click.

  1. Select multiple notes while holding down Cmd+click (Mac) or Ctrl+click (Windows).
  2. Click Create Table of Contents Note. This creates a new note with a list of individual links for each of the selected notes.

Note: This feature is not available in the new Evernote for Mac or new Evernote for Windows.



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