Share multiple notes and notebooks using spaces

Teams who are working on the same project or in the same functional group should create a space to keep all of their shared content together. For example:

  • An HR department creates a space covering employee benefits, health care providers, and reimbursement information and invites new employees to view the content when they begin work.
  • A marketing manager creates a space covering style guides, templates, design assets, and UX guidelines and invites all product designers to view and collaborate on content.
  • A sales representative creates a space covering sales leads, meeting notes, product info, and email correspondence and invites other sales representatives so they can have a shared customer database.

Start by creating a space to put all of your related content in. Once a space is created, begin adding notes. If you need to add a layer of organization to your notes, such as grouping weekly meeting notes together, create a notebook within the space for those meeting notes.

Once your content is organized, invite team members to the space where they will be able to view and/or edit the content (the permission is set by you when you invite them). To invite members to a space, click the Invite button at the top of the space, then enter the names or email addresses of those you’d like to invite.

If you already have content to put in a space, create a space then import the content into it by clicking the menu button (three horizontal dots) and selecting Import content.



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