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Find what you need
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Find what you need

Everything in Evernote is searchable, including the contents of notes, notebooks, tags, and attachments.

Search handwritten notes

Evernote’s search lets you get really granular, but this just means you have a lot of ways to find what you are looking for.

You can search for notes and notebooks by:

  • Keywords or tags
  • Contact info in business cards
  • Handwritten or typed text in photos
  • Text in attached documents and PDFs
  • Notebooks other colleagues have shared
  • Team members who know about a topic at your company
  • Notes related to internet search results (with Evernote Web Clipper)

You can search within your entire Evernote account, or filter by notebook, creation or update date, and geographical location where the note was created. If you use a particular search frequently, you can save and add it to your shortcuts for quick access. We also offer advanced search syntax for even more targeted searching.

How to search notes, notebooks, and chats

  • Search for notes: Type your search terms in the 'Search notes' box located near the top of the screen. By default, Evernote searches the notebook currently open. To search your entire account, select the 'Everything' button below the search field.
  • Search for notebooks: Select 'Notebooks' from the side menu and enter your search terms in the 'Find a notebook' field located above your notebook list.
  • Search for chats: Slide the navigation drawer out, select Work Chat, and type in keywords or contacts in the 'Search' field.
  • Search for notebooks in your company's account (Evernote Business only): Select 'Notebooks' from the side menu, then select 'All Business Notebooks' button near the bottom of the notebook list. Type in search terms in the search box (where the 'My Business' tag is displayed).

More ways to find work in Evernote

Search suggestions

The search feature in Evernote automatically lists recent searches, saved searches, and suggest tags and notebooks as you are typing based on the terms you enter in the search field.

Search options

To narrow down the scope of your search, filter by notebook, creation or update date, or the geographical location where the note was created. Learn more

Descriptive search

Mac search options

With descriptive search, you can use words you would normally use such as "notes with PDF files tagged 'approved'".


Find notebooks other colleagues have shared

In Evernote Business, your business home is where you can share and search for information anyone in your company has published to Evernote.

Business home notebooks

Use the business home to:

  • Discover what others in the company are working on
  • View and search for business notebooks others have shared with the company
  • Join business notebooks and access them on any device
  • Share business notebooks with others and manage sharing permissions

Find colleagues' expertise when searching

In Evernote Business, when you search for a topic you’re interested in, Evernote automatically shows you people that may know about it right inside your search results. Click on a team member’s name to open their profile in the business home.

Expertise Notelist

For example:

  • A search for "Revenue" may show business directors’ research on potential revenue streams
  • A search for "Security" may display an IT Admin who manages privacy controls
  • A search for "Customer Feedback" may bring up people on the support team

Expertise results displayed

More about expertise discovery

Learn more with related notes

Related notes help you discover notes across the business that relate to what you’re working on now.

Related notes

Whenever you create or view a note, Evernote suggests related notes from both your personal and business notebooks as well as notebooks that have been shared with you.

You can also see related notes:

  • Any time you clip content from the web if you are using the Evernote Web Clipper
  • When you view web pages with Evernote Clearly

Note: Related notes are currently available in Evernote for Mac and Windows Desktop, Evernote Clearly, and Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

More tips

More ways to find what you are looking for in Evernote:

  • Saved searches: Save search terms and filters you use frequently as shortcuts for quick access. Learn more
  • Shortcuts: Create and save links to notes, notebooks, and frequently searched tags or terms. Learn more
  • Advanced searches: Use special search terms for more detailed searches. Frequently used combinations of these search terms can be saved and reused. Learn more
  • Manual syncing: Syncing manually is helpful when you want immediate access to content created on a different device, such as your desktop computer. To sync your Evernote account at any time by tapping the Sync button on the side navigation menu.
  • Document & PDF Search (Premium feature): Evernote Premium and Evernote Business subscribers may also search for typed and handwritten text inside scanned PDF documents (Microsoft Office, and iWork); Spreadsheets (Microsoft Office, and iWork); and Presentations (Microsoft Office, and iWork).
  • Find content related to what you're working on (Premium feature): Enable Context to surface relevant information from your own account or your team's (Evernote Business) account. Enable Expertise Discovery and find others in your company who may know more about the content you're working on. Learn more



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