How to join your company's Evernote Business account

How to join your company's Evernote Business account

How to join your company's Evernote Business account

Evernote Business helps you and your team stay productive by making it easy to collect information, share what you know, and discover what your team knows.

To become a part of your company's Evernote Business account:

  1. Join your company’s Evernote account
  2. Add your business email and create a business profile
  3. Download and install Evernote everywhere
  4. Explore the business home and add shared business notebooks to your account
  5. Start creating business content

1. Join your company’s Evernote account

Two things to check before you get started:

  1. Make sure your company's Evernote account exists. Note: If the Evernote Business account hasn't been created, contact your company's IT department or designated Evernote account admin for more information. If you are the account admin, you'll need to create the company account.

  2. If your company has created an Evernote account, request an invitation to join the account.

How to join your company's Evernote account

Whether you have an existing Evernote account or are new to Evernote, you’ll need to join the company's Evernote account in order to access all the features of Evernote Business. To start, you'll need to (a) respond to an invitation to join an your company's Evernote account, or (b) request an invitation if you did not receive an invitation.

a. Respond to an invitation

If you received an email invitation from the account admin to join your company's Evernote account, simply click Accept Invitation.

b. If you did not receive an invitation from the Evernote account admin

If you didn't get an email invitation, check with your company's Evernote account admin. If the account admin has enabled the company account for automatic approvals, you can sign-up using your company email address. 

Note: If you get a message notifying you that the company email you’ve entered is being used in another account, it’s likely that you’ve used that email address in the past to create another Evernote account for yourself or for another company. Sign in to that other Evernote account and change the email address to something not currently associated with Evernote in order to free it up for the new account you’d like to create.

More about how to change your account login email address


Login to Evernote and upgrade to Evernote Business or create a new account 

Join as an existing user or create new account

Once you’ve received the invitation, click the link in the email to accept the invitation. You'll either need to login to your existing account or create a new one:

a. Existing Evernote Users

If you currently use Evernote, click Use an existing Evernote account, log in to your existing Evernote account, and fill in the appropriate fields. Your personal account will automatically be upgraded to a Business account once you've joined your company's Evernote account.

Some benefits to upgrading an existing Evernote account (rather than creating a new one) when joining a company's Evernote Business account include:

  • Gain increased uploads, offline notes, and other benefits of Evernote Business
  • Create and search business and personal notes in one account, while still keeping personal notes private

b. New Evernote Users

If you're a new user, you’ll need to create a brand new Evernote account. Enter your personal email address, type in your full name, create a password, and click Join the Business. Your new Evernote account will automatically be joined to your company's Evernote account.


2. Add your business email and create a business profile

After you've joined your company's Evernote account, you'll want to add a business email address to your account. This ensures that the business notes you share will show up as notes shared from your business email address, while keeping your personal email address private.

Add your business email

To add a business email address, select Evernote Account Settings > Security Summary.

Create your business profile

You should also set up a business profile so others know a little more about you and what you're working on when they browse through profiles inside Evernote Business Home. This makes it easier for people find and share information and expertise within a company.

To create a business profile, select Evernote Account Settings > Business Profile.

Edit profile

Editing your Business Profile

Profile displayed

How your profile appears to others


3. Download and install Evernote everywhere

When you install Evernote on all your devices, you'll be able to create and sync all notes, web clips, files and images:

  • capture photos and jot down ideas on your phone, then review them later on your computer
  • type notes and attach contracts on your laptop, then read everything on your tablet on an airplane
  • clip travel reservations and plans on your computer, then while traveling log into a web browser to look up details

Get Evernote on all your devices

Log in to Evernote on all your devices using the same email address and password so you can create and sync notes seamlessly.

Get Evernote

Download EvernoteDownload and install Evernote on computers and mobile devices

Log in to your accountLog in to your Evernote account on each device


4. Explore the business home and add shared business notebooks to your account

From Business Home, you can browse all notes and notebooks shared with your company's Evernote account, and view profiles of your colleagues. To start exploring Business Home, click on the name of your company's Evernote account in the Evernote side navigation menu or the home screen on your mobile device.

To add and modify notes in a shared business notebook or to view shared business notebooks offline, click the + Join Notebook button in Business Home. Joined notebooks will appear in your Evernote account on all your devices.


5. Start creating business content

1. Create a new business notebook to organize work-related content that's important to you, for example Research, Meeting Notes, or Receipts

2. Add a new note to the business notebook

Business notes can be anything important to your work; Evernote Business makes it easy for you to capture and share information and ideas with colleagues.

More about creating notebooks and notes

Some ideas to inspire you:

Capture photos of receipts

Use Web Clipper to save articles for research

Attach and share spreadsheets, reports, and PDF docs

Forward and save emails directly to Evernote



  • add your business email
  • invitation
  • invited
  • join
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