How to manage business notebooks in the admin console

How to manage business notebooks in the admin console

How to manage business notebooks in the admin console

Business Notebooks page

The company's Evernote Business account admin is authorized to manage business content shared with the company such as:

  • View details of all business notebooks in the company account
  • Manage notebook contacts, delete notebooks, and export notebook contents
  • Share business notebooks with (publish business notebooks to) the company

Account admins can access all the business notebooks in the company's Evernote account by selecting the 'Notebooks' page in the admin console. Launch the admin console and select 'Notebooks' from the side navigation menu.

More about how to access the admin console


View business notebook details

To view all the business notebook in your company's Evernote account, select a notebook from the list on the 'Notebooks' page. From this list, you can find information about each notebook such as:

  1. Notebook contacts: An individual (often the one who created the notebook) authorized to change notebook settings
  2. Shared status: Whether a notebook has been shared with anyone

Notebook sharing status options:

  • Not shared with anyone: Status will remain blank
  • A notebook has been shared with (published to) the entire company: Status displays 'Published'
  • Shared with specific colleagues on a team: Status shows the number of people the notebooks have been explicitly shared with (excludes the number of colleagues who've joined a published notebook).

Manage notebook contacts, delete notebooks, and export notebook contents

Manage notebooks

To manage notebooks from the admin console, simply select the notebook (or multiple notebooks, where applicable), and select the 'Actions' menu, and select the appropriate option:

  • Change notebook contacts: Select 'Change contact' and enter (or select) the name or email of a new contact person
  • Delete notebooks: Select 'Delete notebook' and click Delete to confirm.

    Note: Only the account admin can delete a business notebook. Others in the company only have the option to remove a business notebook from showing up in their own account.

  • Export all the notes from a notebook: Select 'Export notebook' to save all the notes from the selected notebook as an Evernote backup file (.enex format) you can later import back into Evernote.

    Note: While we recommend you join an Evernote Business using your personal Evernote account so you can easily find everything in one place, you do have the option of exporting notes from an Evernote Business account and importing them into a completely separate personal Evernote account.


Share business notebooks with the company or with specific individuals

Anyone who's joined their company's Evernote account can share notebooks with individuals or with the entire company. Only account admins, however, can share and manage permissions for business notebooks they do not own.

Share with others or publish to the entire company

Two ways to share notebooks:

  • Share with individuals: To share one or more business notebooks, select each notebook from the list on the 'Notebooks' page, select 'Manage Sharing' from the 'Actions' menu on the 'Notebooks' page, then enter the names of people you'd like to invite to join the notebook(s), and click Done.
  • Share with (Publish to) the entire company: To share with (publish to) everyone in the company, select Publish, then click Done.

Manage sharing of published notebooks

Manage sharing permissions

After you've shared your notebook(s), you can set sharing permissions. To change the sharing permissions for the selected business notebook(s) (whether you are sharing with individuals or publishing it to the company), select one of the sharing options: 'Can view,' Can edit,' and 'Can edit and invite'.

More about sharing and permissions

Manage notebook sharing

Note: All users who join a particular business notebook can save a copy of a note. Any owner (contact) of business notebook can grant other users in the company permission to re-share a particular notebook. For this reason, it's important that you communicate clearly and regularly to everyone about your company's policies and guidelines with regards to sharing confidential information with others outside the company.

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