Explore the business home

Explore the business home

Explore the business home

The business home is your team's central repository for sharing information, and is available to all users added to the Evernote Business account. From the business home you can find the content you need in a variety of ways:

  • View recent activity from your team
  • Browse and add shared notebooks
  • Explore teammates' profiles

The business home is available in Evernote for Mac and Windows. In Evernote Web, you can browse, preview, and add business notebooks, but the business summary and team profiles are not available.

Access the business home

To access the business home, simply select the name of your business in the sidebar of the Evernote app. From the business home, you can select Business SummaryPeople, or Business Notebooks.

Browse shared content

View business notebooks

When you or your teammates share content with the entire team, it's published to the business home. To make things easier, each business notebook you have access to lists the most recent activity so you can preview its contents before adding it.

Add business notebooks

Once a business notebook has been shared with the whole team, any other user in the business may add that business notebook and browse all the notes in that notebook. As with other notebooks you've created, adding a business notebook allows you to sync it to your Evernote account so that you always have access to its updated contents.

To add a business notebook, open the business home and click + Add to your list on the business notebook you want to add.

How can tell if a notebook is one I've added?

The 'In Your List' label appears near the title of each business notebook you've added.

Explore teammates' profiles

Find out what your team members know by browsing through their profiles and seeing what notebooks they've recently worked on. You can also add any notebooks that other team members have shared with the business.

Learn how to update your Evernote Business profile

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