The difference between team notebooks and individual notebooks

Note: Most Evernote Teams accounts do not have both team notebooks and individual notebooks. This article only applies to Evernote Teams accounts that have not been updated.

In Evernote Teams, team notebooks should be used specifically for creating and sharing work-related content. Here's a quick comparison to help you decide whether content belongs in an individual notebook or a team notebook.

  Individual notebooks Team notebooks
Type of content Individual notebooks may include content such as:
  • Grocery and to-do lists
  • Fitness class, school holiday, or game schedules
  • Gift ideas clipped from websites
  • Receipts received as emails from online purchases
  • Travel itineraries, hotel confirmation details, and maps
Team notebooks may include content such as:
  • Project goals, timelines, and meeting notes
  • Interview screening questions, candidate resumes, and feedback
  • Marketing blog and email communications templates and schedules
  • Sales leads, account information, and customer meeting notes
Access Your content is private and accessible only to you, unless you share it with others. Your content is accessible only to you, unless you share it with others directly or in a space. However, account admins can change notebook permissions and grant access to others using the admin console, and content remains with the team when you leave.
Sharing ability Can be shared with any individual. Can be shared with any individual or put in a space for anyone in that space to access.
Contact info

(Evernote Teams accounts that have not been updated)

Displays your account login email address (typically your individual email address) when shared. This email address can be changed. Displays your team email address when shared if you've added one that is different than your account login email address.




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