Is my content accessible by other Evernote Teams users?

When you create notes and add content in your Evernote Teams account, that content is accessible by Evernote Teams account admins, regardless of whether you’ve shared it with others. In addition, if you put individual content into these notebooks, that information may become accessible to others on the team. However, any content kept in individual notebooks (this only applies to Evernote Teams accounts that have not been updated) or in a separate, individual account is not accessible by others unless you take explicit action to share it.

The email address of your individual account may be visible if:

  • You share an individual notebook or note
  • You have not yet added a team email address in your account settings, and you share or edit notes inside team notebooks
  • You have not yet added a team email address in your account settings, and your account admin uses the admin console to review a list of users in the team account


Evernote Teams account admins will be able to see if you have enabled two-step verification on your Evernote account and the date of your last password reset. They will not have access to see your password or details about additional verification methods. We have made this information accessible to account admins so they can review the security of team data that resides on users' devices.



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