What are the system limits of Evernote?

What are the system limits of Evernote?
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What are the system limits of Evernote?

Whether you use Evernote for your personal life or with your team, upgrade to Evernote Premium or Evernote Business for the best experience. For more information about the features of each Evernote account level, see the comparison chart. For more about Evernote Service usage policies, see the Evernote User Guidelines.

Note size

25 MB (Basic)

50 MB (Plus*)

200 MB (Premium and Business)

Note: 64-bit systems are recommended for uploading large attachments in Windows.

Monthly note uploads

60 MB (Basic)

1 GB (Plus*)

10 GB (Premium)

20 GB + 2 GB per user, shared across company account (Business)

Number of notes

100,000 personal (Basic, Plus*, Premium)

100,000 personal + 500,000 business (Business)

Number of personal notebooks


Number of notebooks in the company's Evernote account


All business notebooks belong to the company's Evernote Business account

Number of notebooks shared with you (including business notebooks)

100 (Basic)

500 (Plus*, Premium)

1,000 (Business)

Maximum number of people you can share a personal notebook with


Maximum number of people you can share a business notebook with


Number of tags per note


Number of tags per account


Number of emails saved to an Evernote account

200 daily

Unavailable with Evernote Basic

Number of emails sent from an Evernote account

200 daily

50 daily (Basic)

Maximum participants per Work Chat


Saved searches


Number of shortcuts




* As of early April 2018, Evernote Plus is no longer available for purchase.



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