How does sync work within Evernote?

How does sync work within Evernote?
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How does sync work within Evernote?


Evernote's service is arranged in such a way that every sync operation goes through Evernote Web. For instance, if you initiate a sync from an Evernote desktop application, any new or updated content will first be uploaded to Evernote Web, and only from there can it be downloaded to your other devices when a subsequent sync is initiated. Every synced note in your account is stored in Evernote Web. In Evernote for Mac and Windows all of your notes are also stored in a local database on your computer’s hard drive.

Conflicting changes

Occasionally, two copies of the same note will be found to be in conflict. This could arise when a given note is edited in two different locations before a sync has taken place. In the event that happens, a duplicate note will be created. This is a safety measure that helps to prevent data loss and allows you to manually review and edit the conflicting data.

What causes it to happen?

If you are editing the same note on two different devices (A & B) and a full sync is not initiated (a sync from device A to the Evernote server and then to device B) before you edit the note on device B, then a duplicate note may be created.

How do I resolve a conflicting change?

If you see a duplicate note appear in your account, review the contents of each version that couldn't be merged automatically and apply the changes manually. Once you're satisfied that the original version has all of the changes, delete the duplicate note. If you would like to save a particular version of the note, you can copy and paste this version into a new or existing note in your account.

How can I prevent it from happening again?

The best way to avoid conflicting changes is to make sure that whenever you use Evernote, your device has had a chance to sync before opening your notes on a different device. Keep in mind that syncing is automatic and should be done in the background whenever you make changes; however, in some circumstances, such as being disconnected from the internet, this may not be possible.

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