Compare Evernote subscription plans

Compare Evernote subscription plans
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Compare Evernote subscription plans

The table below presents a side-by-side comparison of some key features in each of our Evernote subscription plans.








Sync across devices
Offline access to notes
Desktop only
Desktop and mobile
Desktop and mobile
Desktop and mobile
Desktop and mobile
Desktop and mobile
Set up 2-step verification
Authenticator app
Authenticator app
Authenticator app
Authenticator app
Authenticator app
Authenticator app
Annotate images
Search for printed and handwritten text in images
Set a passcode lock on mobile apps
Encrypt text content
Save and use templates from our website
Use tasks to capture to-do lists inside notes
Create your own custom templates
Save emails into Evernote
Link Google Drive files
Access unlimited paper options in Penultimate app 1
Integrate with Slack, and other apps
Search for text in PDFs, Office documents, and other attachments
Annotate PDFs
Scan and digitize business cards 2
Access previous versions of notes
Switch between multiple accounts 3
Edit, track, and manage tasks from a single view
Add due dates, reminders, and notifications to tasks
Customize Home with Tasks widget
Customize Home with filtered notes widget
Connect your primary Google Calendar account to Evernote
Assign tasks
Connect multiple Google Calendar accounts to Evernote
Customize Home with multiple pinned note and scratch pad widgets
Use Boolean terms to refine search results
Use geographic search to find notes based on location created
Export notebooks as PDF files
Create spaces to centralize team knowledge and information
Enable single sign-on
View user activity history

For system limits, see Evernote system limits.


* As of early April 2018, Evernote Plus is no longer available for purchase. As of July 2021, Evernote Premium is no longer available for purchase.

1 The Penultimate app is only available on iPad devices from the iOS App Store.

2 Business card scanning is only available using Evernote for iOS or Evernote for Android.

3 Evernote for Mac and Windows support up to 5 different accounts of any type (at least one must be set to Premium or higher service). Evernote for iOS and Android support one individual account and one Teams account. For more information, see How to add and switch between multiple accounts in Evernote.



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