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If you are creating a note on a computer or device that supports location tracking and the feature is enabled, Evernote can automatically record the location where the note was created. This comes in handy when you need to find a note you created in a certain location, such as notes from a work site visit, photos at a restaurant, or your travel memories.

Enable location services on your device

In order to record your location, you may need to enable location services for Evernote on your device. For more information about how to enable location services check your device manual.

You can also manually enter or edit location information for any note by tapping on the More actions button (three dots) in a note, and selecting Note info.

Sorting by location

Note: Sorting notes by location is only available on older versions of Evernote for Android.

To search for notes by location on Android devices, simply list all your notes by location and select notes associated to a particular location. To list all your notes by location, select Options > Sort… > Place to see all your notes sorted by the location where you created them.



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