Transfer your notes from Evernote to Yinxiang Biji

Transferring your notes from Evernote to Yinxiang Biji is a two-step process:

  1. Sign up for a Yinxiang Biji account
  2. Transfer your notes from Evernote to Yinxiang Biji

1. Sign up for a Yinxiang Biji account

Yinxiang Biji is a separate service from Evernote. Therefore, you need to create a separate Yinxiang Biji account at If you already have a Yinxiang Biji account, you can skip this step.

2. Transfer your notes from Evernote to Yinxiang Biji

After your Yinxiang Biji account is set up, you can begin transferring your notes. There are three recommended transfer methods.

Method 1: Local file export/import (Recommended)

The most direct way to transfer your notes is to export them from Evernote and import them into Yinxiang Biji. You can only do this using the Mac or Windows desktop app, not using a mobile or web app. To transfer your notes, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Evernote account in Evernote for Mac or Windows.
  2. Export each notebook separately.
  3. Log in with your Yinxiang Biji account.
  4. Import the .enex files from Step 2 above.

Method 2: NoteDup Migration Tool

Download the NoteDup note migration tool, log in to both accounts, and authorize them for the note transfer. Since the Evernote server is not located in China, the transfer process may be slow or interrupted. The sync speed of your Yinxiang Biji account will be greatly improved after the transfer is complete.

Note: NoteDup is only supported on Windows operating systems and macOS Mojave. If you are using an unsupported operating system, we recommended using Method 1 above.

Method 3: Single note transfer

This method can be used if the number of notes that need to be transferred is small and if your Yinxiang Biji account is a Premium account. Simply e-mail each note in your Evernote account to your personal, unique Yinxiang Biji email address ( to automatically generate new notes in Yinxiang Biji.

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes can I expect when migrating to Yinxiang Biji?

Evernote and Yinxiang Biji are two separate, distinct services, so you will encounter the following changes:

  • You will not be able to share notes between Evernote and Yinxiang Biji accounts.
  • Internal note links and note shares in Evernote will be invalid.
  • Evernote third-party app integrations will no longer work. For a list of supported third-party apps, visit

Does transferring my notes count toward my monthly upload limit?

Exporting your notes from Evernote does not affect the monthly upload limit of the Evernote account you're exporting from. However, importing your notes will count toward the upload limit of your Yinxiang Biji account.

What do I do if I run out of monthly upload limit when importing my notes into Yinxiang Biji?

If you use your entire monthly upload limit when importing notes from Evernote to your Yinxiang Biji account, you can contact Yinxiang Biji Support for a one-time temporary upgrade for the purpose of uploading your notes.



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