Add date and time stamps to your notes

In each of the Evernote client applications, the current date and time are automatically added to each note when it is created (as well as the last date and time the note was modified, though those two values will be the same if the note isn't modified after being created). If you'd like to manually change the date and time information associated with a given note, this can be done in either Evernote for Mac or Evernote for Windows by clicking the value you'd like to modify.

These date and time stamps (referred to within the app as "Date Created" and "Date Modified") can be used to sort your notes, as well. Click the heading above a collection of notes and choose the desired sort option.

You can also insert date and time stamps directly into the body of a note in some apps:

  • Evernote for Mac: Date Stamp (Shift + Command + D) or Time Stamp (Option + Shift + Command + D)
  • Evernote for Windows: Date Stamp (Shift + Alt + D) or Time Stamp (Ctrl + Shift + D)



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