How is Evernote data stored on my Android device?

Data from your Evernote account is stored on your Android device’s internal memory. For performance and security reasons, Evernote does not store data nor note contents on any external storage devices, such as SD cards.

As of Evernote for Android version 7.0.5, any data found to be stored externally is automatically moved to internal memory.

Frequently asked questions

What type of data does Evernote store on my device?

  • Note metadata/headers - this includes any information about a note except for the body of the note or any attached images and files. Examples include the note title, note creation date, and note updated date.
  • Note contents and attachments - this includes any content you’ve added to a note, such as text, images, links, audio recordings, and attachments.

Why does Evernote store my data on internal device memory?

Evernote stores your notes and notebooks on internal memory for performance and security reasons.

How do I free up space on my device?

Free up space by deleting apps, music, videos, and photos you no longer need. If you are syncing notes between your computer and your phone, you can also free up space by reducing the number of Evernote notebooks you've made available offline on mobile.

How do I know if I've freed up enough space?

After you free up space, reopen the Evernote app. Evernote will check to see if you have enough space to complete the update. If you still don't have enough space, you'll be asked again to free up space. Once you have enough space, you'll be asked to sync your notes. We will then perform the security update at a time when you're not using the app.

What happens if I can't free up enough space on my device?

Evernote will not be able to support your device if there isn’t enough free space on internal memory.

Can I choose to store Evernote data on external storage if I want?

You will not have the option to store Evernote data on any external storage devices.



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