How to capture ideas with your phone

How to capture ideas with your phone
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How to capture ideas with your phone

Note list with various types of notes


4 Ways to capture ideas

With Evernote on your phone, you can avoid the risk of letting a good idea or a moment of inspiration pass you by. Once saved to your account, your notes are available to you wherever you have Evernote. To create lists, sketches, photo, and audio notes from your home screen, use Evernote widgets.

  • Checklist icon Create lists to stay on task
  • Camera icon Use your camera to snap photos and scan documents
  • Microphone iconRecord voice memos
  • Checklist iconAdd hand-drawn sketches



#1 Create checklists to stay on task

Sample checklist on Android phone

Create checklists to track personal to-dos, grocery items, project tasks, or people to contact. Got multiple checklists? Evernote’s powerful search lets you find any notes with unfinished tasks. Learn more


Tap the list icon (on Android, tap the ‘letter A’ to view formatting options), tap the checkbox, then type out the first item in your list.



 #2 Use your camera to snap photos and scan documents

Sample whtieboard and receipt notes on an iPhone

Use the Evernote camera to snap a photo of anything. Capture handwritten notes and drawings from a whiteboard or the back of an envelope. Scan paper documents and business cards. Handwritten or printed text saved to Evernote becomes searchable.


Tap the camera (on Android, tap paperclip first) from the note editing toolbar to:



#3 Record voice memos

Sample audio recording created on Android phone

Record quick audio notes to yourself. Add audio recordings of meetings, lectures, and interviews to accompany text notes. Learn more


Tap the microphone (on Android, tap paperclip first), then start recording.



#4 Add hand-drawn sketches

Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android

Sample handwriting and sketches on iPhone

Add handwritten notes and drawings to Evernote. Include charts, graphs, or infographics inside your notes by writing or drawing directly on your phone screen with a finger or stylus. Your sketches are editable and searchable. Learn more iOS | Android


Tap the ink pen (on Android, tap paperclip first) to add handwriting or sketches to a note.



  • scan
  • scanning
  • business cards
  • scan business cards