Which Post-it® Notes work best with Evernote?

Types of notes

The following Post-it® Notes are compatible with Evernote:

  • Standard (3 x 3 inch) square Post-it® Notes typically used for jotting down ideas, doodles, and brainstorming
  • Post-it® Big Pad (11 x 11 inch) a larger size especially useful for collaborative team sessions or for sketching out more complex concepts and ideas which require more space

Post-it® Notes optimized for Evernote

For the best experience, use the Post-it® Note colors designed specially for Evernote:

  • Electric YellowElectric Yellow
  • LimeadeLimeade
  • Electric BlueElectric Blue
  • Neon PinkNeon Pink



How Evernote enhances Post-it® Notes

When you capture notes in these optimized colors, Evernote automatically performs the following enhancements:

  1. Automatic organization with Evernote notebooks, tags, and reminders
  2. Drawing and text contrast is improved
  3. Note tilt and rotation will be corrected
  4. Note edges will be perfectly cropped



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