Tip #1: Make sure your Jot Script is properly connected

If you've connected Jot Script to Penultimate at least once, your digital pen automatically tries to re-connect whenever you close and reopen Penultimate. If you have the latest version of Penultimate running on a compatible iOS device, there are several ways to check if your Jot Script is properly connected.

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot your Jot Script to Penultimate connection:


Check the 'Connect Jot Script' dialog box


Check connection


Tap the digital pen tool from the toolbar from any opened note.

If Jot Script is properly connected, you'll see the following:
  • A notification that the Jot Script 2 is connected, and the option to connect a new stylus
  • A checkmark next to 'Jot Script Pixelpoint' and a battery status indicator
  • The option to disconnect the Jot Script 2

 Note: If you don't see the digital pen tool in the toolbar, tap the pen (or most recent) tool to expand the toolbar. 


Check if Bluetooth is enabled on your device


Check Bluetooth


If Bluetooth is enabled, you'll see a small Bluetooth symbol attached to the current tool icon when the note editing toolbar is collapsed. If Penultimate detects that your device Bluetooth is disabled, you'll see a line across this Bluetooth symbol.


Check if the battery is fully charged

To check the battery life of your digital pen at any time:

  1. From any opened note, tap the digital pen tool from the toolbar.
  2. Check the battery status indicator.
  3. If necessary, recharge your Jot Script 2, plug in your magnetic charging doc into your computer, and gently place the charging terminal end of your digital pen on the dock.


Check battery

A green-colored status indicator lets you know the Jot Script is fully charged. A red-colored indicator means you'll need to recharge your digital pen soon, or replace the batteries (previous model).


Tip #2: Optimize palm rejection

There are two ways to optimize palm rejection for a better writing experience.

1. Change your Penultimate the wrist position settings

Wrist positions

Two ways to change your wrist position settings:

  • From the main notes or notebook tap the Settings button, then tap Jot Script Evernote Stylus Setup > Wrist Position
  • Tap the digital pen tool from the toolbar from any opened note, then tap 'Wrist Position'. From the 'Wrist Position' screen, select the wrist position which most closely resembles the way your write.

2. Disable 'Multitasking Gestures'

Open your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch device 'Settings' and disable Multitasking Gestures from the 'General' settings section


Additional resources

If you have more questions about the Jot Script stylus or Penultimate, take a look at the following resources:

Note: We no longer offer bug fixes for vulnerabilities or any other updates, including security patches, for Penultimate




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