Read distraction free

Read distraction free

Read distraction free

Evernote Clearly gives you a distraction-free view of your favorite Web content at the click of a button. From blogs, to news articles, to reference materials and more, Evernote Clearly makes text cleaner and easier to read, so that you can focus on the content you care about without the ads, navigation and other distractions you don't.

Before and after screenshot


Using Evernote Clearly

To view a webpage using Evernote Clearly, simply click the Evernote Clearly icon next to the address bar in your browser window.

Browser screenshot

The main content of the webpage will be displayed free of ads, navigation and other distractions. All links, images and other media in the body of the content will be preserved and remain usable.


The Evernote Clearly toolbar

In addition to making text clean and distraction-free, Evernote Clearly comes with a number of great additional features to improve your reading experience, including allowing you to highlight text, clip content to your Evernote account, print text, and customize text size and font.

Evernote Clearly toolbar

The following tools are available in the toolbar any time you view content in Evernote Clearly:

Return to Web iconReturn to Web View: Click to exit Evernote Clearly and return the normal Web view of the current content

Web Clipper iconWeb Clipper: Click to clip all of the content currently displayed in Evernote Clearly into your Evernote account. Once the content is successfully clipped, a confirmation will be displayed. To open the content in Evernote, click the Edit button in the confirmation dialog

Web Clipper confirmation

Highlighter iconHighlighter: Click to enable the highlighter tool, then click and drag the text you want to highlight. Highlighted text will also be preserved when you clip the content into your Evernote Account

Highlight example

Adjust text iconAdjust Text Size & Font: Click to choose a color theme, change the text size, or create your own custom theme for displaying content in Evernote Clearly

Text menu

Print iconPrint: Click to print


Related notes

Related Notes are another great way that the Evernote family of products helps you remember everything. Anytime you view a webpage in Evernote Clearly, you will also be shown snippets from Related Notes in your Evernote account. To view a Related Note, click it to open it in Evernote.

Related Notes


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