Save and share scans

Once you've approved your scanned images, you can save them to Evernote, to your device, or to another app, or share them with others in a variety of ways, including email or text message.

You can send and save a scanned image or a set of scanned images. Tap Send or Save to see your options:

  • Mail: Share via email
  • Share: Share via text message or other apps and supported device actions
  • Camera Roll: Save to the Photos app on your device
  • Evernote: Save directly to Evernote

Connect and save to Evernote

Any documents you've scanned and saved into Evernote can easily be searched, annotated, and shared. Download and install Evernote on all your devices so you can access the docs you've scanned from anywhere.

Note: You have the option of saving all scanned images to Evernote from the Scannable settings page (tap the three dots, then Settings). Tap Evernote > Always save to Evernote.


Save contact info from business cards to device contacts

Add to contacts

There are two ways to save contact information from every scanned card to the Contacts on your mobile device:

  • Automatically: To save all scanned business cards to your device, go to the Scannable settings page (three dots button, then Settings), then tap Business Cards > Auto Create Contacts
  • Manually: Tap the name of the contact from the scan tray and tap Save Contact



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