Annotate key info

Annotate key info
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Annotate key info

HTML Highlighter

Currently unavailable for Microsoft Edge


Two ways to add visual callouts to a page:

  1. Highlight text: Highlight text on a web page, then clip and save or share it.
  2. Add visual callouts: Capture a screenshot of a page, then use the annotation tools to mark it up before you save and share it.

1. Highlight text

To highlight text on a web page, simply click and drag the highlighter cursor across text on a page. To remove highlights, hover over the highlighted text and click the 'X'.

Highlight text

Highlighter tool: When the Web Clipper detects text on a page, the cursor becomes a Highlighter tool.

When you select 'Article', 'Simplified article', or 'Full page', your cursor turns into a highlighting tool, so you can point out or remind yourself of important or inspiring sections on a page.


2. Add visual callouts

Mark up your screenshot with arrow, shapes, and text as visual callouts for quicker and clearer communication.

Shape tools

Shape tool: Draw arrows, circles, lines, and other shapes on a screenshot.

Color options

Color options: Choose or edit the color of your new or selected shapes.

Stamps tools

Stamp tool: Add stamps with labels and arrows. Select and position your stamp on your screenshot. Click the '+' or the 'a' to add an arrow or text label.



Other annotation tools:

  • Pen tool Pen tool: Draw with digital ink.
  • Type tool Type tool: Add text annotations.
  • Pixelator tool Pixelator tool: The pixelator tool is perfect for blurring portions of images that need to be kept anonymous, such as faces or other personally identifiable information.
  • Crop tool Crop tool: Drag the lines to crop a screenshot.
  • Zoom in Zoom in and Out: Zoom in and out of your screenshot.
  • Zoom out Zoom in and Out: Zoom in and out of your screenshot.