After creating an Evernote account and spending some time setting up your team's space, it's time to invite team members to join the account and provide them with training resources.

Invite your team to join the account

Add users

Send invitations to join the team from the admin console:

  1. Click Add Users from the navigation menu
  2. Enter the email address of each person you'd like to invite
  3. Click Invite when you're ready to send the invitations

Each person will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to join the Evernote Teams account.

Check the status of an invitation

Check the status of sent invitations on the 'Manage Users' page in the admin console. If someone forgets to accept the invitation they received, you can resend it. If you've changed your mind, you can revoke it.

Create a training strategy

After you've sent invitations, it's a good idea to share some additional information about Evernote so your team has a clear understanding of available features and benefits. In addition to sharing relevant links and resources, it is also recommended to schedule a training session to present topics such as:

  • Goals and expectations of using Evernote as the team's shared workspace
  • The rollout schedule and timelines
  • Overview of how you've set up the workspace and what naming conventions to use
  • Ongoing support and additional resources
  • "Live demos" to walk through specific scenarios where Evernote can help improve current communication patterns and workflows, such as the following:

Provide education and ongoing support

Encourage your team to expand their Evernote knowledge by exploring the following educational resources and support:



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