You can keep pretty much any type of content in a note. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Type, write, or even record audio notes from any meeting.
  • Annotate photos and PDFs for quick communication with teams working remotely in field offices or building sites.
  • Photos of anything that might inspire new ideas, new designs, or new compositions.
  • Snap photos of a whiteboard or Post-it ® Notes from a brainstorm session.
  • Scan contracts, legal documents, receipts, or business cards.
  • Use your computer, mobile phone, or tablet to create any kind of note and recall them as needed.

To learn how to create a note, visit Create a note.

Add various types of content to a note

Notes aren't just for plain text. You can save many types of content in a note. The most common include:

  • File attachments

  • Checkboxes and checklists

  • Bulleted and numbered lists

  • Images from your device's saved photos

  • Images taken with the in-app camera

  • Audio recordings

Customize styles and layouts

Use the text formatting and layout tools to change the way the note looks:

  • Text font and style tools: Bold, italicize, and underscore text
  • Highlighting tool: Highlight the selected text
  • List tools: Create checklists, bulleted lists, and numbered lists
  • Layout tools: Insert a line divider, realign text, and insert a table

More tips

See the following tips for more ways to take notes:

  • Checklists: Use checklists to manage tasks. Learn more
  • Create reminders to manage tasks: Use reminders to keep track of notes that contain time-sensitive information, and receive alerts for upcoming tasks and events. Learn more
  • Annotate your notes: Clarify and solicit feedback by annotating an entire note, an individual image, or a PDF. Use lines, shapes, arrows to comment, clarify, and collaborate. Learn more
  • Save emails in Evernote: Forward digital receipts, travel reservations, or weekly electronic newsletters directly to your Evernote account. Learn more
  • Scan business cards: Use Evernote to capture photos of business cards, and extract and save contact details from the card into Evernote. Learn more
  • Clip web pages: Save sections and entire pages clipped from the web from any desktop computer. Once saved, contents can be annotated, edited, and shared with others. Learn more



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