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Take notes
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Take notes

A note is just what it sounds like—any piece of information you want to save for later. You can keep pretty much any type of content in a note.

Sample notes


Many ways to take notes

You can keep pretty much any type of content in a note. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Type, write, or even record audio notes from any meeting.
  • Annotate photos and PDFs for quick communication with teams working remotely in field offices or building sites.
  • Photos of anything that might inspire new ideas, new designs, or new compositions.
  • Snap photos of a whiteboard or Post-it ® Notes from a brainstorm session.
  • Scan contracts, legal documents, receipts, or business cards.
  • Use your computer, mobile phone, or tablet to create any kind of note and recall them as needed.

Create notes on your computer

Create notes on mobile devices


Create a text note

  • Mac

    Step 1: Create a note

    1. Select Notes from the navigation menu.
    2. Click the + New Note in {default notebook name} button.
    3. Title your note so it's easier to find later.
    4. Click anywhere inside the note until the cursor appears and start typing.
  • Windows

    Step 1: Create a note

    Tap the plus button (+) from the sidebar to create a new note.

  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

    Step 1: Create a note

    Tap the green plus button (+) to create a new note.

  • Android

    Step 1: Create a note

    Tap the green plus button (+) to create a new note.

  • Web

    Step 1: Create a note

    Tap the plus button (+) from the sidebar to create a new note.


Note: Business notes remain with your company. Personal notes remain private and stay with you even if you leave your company.


Add other types of content to a note

When you select or tap to edit your note, select from the available icons that appear in the note editor:

  • Attach files of any kind

  • Add checkboxes

  • Add bulleted and numbered lists

  • Add photos from your camera roll

  • Take a photo with your camera or webcam

  • Record audio


Edit notes

You can edit notes that you've created yourself or that others have shared with you (and have granted you 'Can edit' (or 'Can edit and invite') permissions to).

Edit text

To edit text, open the note you want to edit, click anywhere inside the note and start editing. Evernote syncs your note to the web periodically, but you can also select the circle with two arrows to manually sync your notes at anytime.

Delete notes

Mac: Select Note > Delete Note from the Evernote menu (or tap the trash bin at the top of the note). The note is moved to your 'Trash' notebook. Learn more

Customize styles and layouts

Use the text formatting and layout tools to change the way the note looks:

  1. Text style tools: Bold, italicize, and underscore text
  2. Highlighting tool: Highlight the selected text
  3. List tools: Create checklists, bulleted lists, and numbered lists
  4. Layout tools: Insert a line divider, realign text, and insert a table

Note: Select File > Undo or File > Redo from the Evernote menu to move backwards and forward through a list of most recent formatting changes.


More tips

See the following tips for more ways to take notes:

  • Checklists: Use checklists to manage tasks. Learn more
  • Create reminders to manage tasks: Use reminders to keep track of notes that contain time-sensitive information, and receive alerts for upcoming tasks and events. Learn more
  • Annotate your notes: Clarify and solicit feedback by annotating an entire note, an individual image, or a PDF. Use lines, shapes, arrows to comment, clarify, and collaborate. Learn more
  • Forward emails directly into Evernote: Forward digital receipts, travel reservations, or weekly electronic newsletters directly to your Evernote account. Learn more
  • Scan business cards: Use Evernote to capture photos of business cards, extract and save contact details from the card into Evernote, and match with LinkedIn profiles. Learn more
  • Clip web pages: Save sections and entire pages clipped from the web from any desktop computer. Once saved, contents can be annotated, edited, and shared with others. Learn more



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