Quick start

Quick start
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Quick start

Evernote device animation

The best way to start using Evernote effectively is to start creating notes. A note is just what it sounds like - any piece of information you want to save for later.

Get started in 3 easy steps:

Step 1Create a new note

Blank note creation

  • Mac

    Step 1: Create a note

    1. Select Notes from the navigation menu.
    2. Click the + New Note in {default notebook name} button.
  • Windows, Web

    Step 1: Create a note

    Click the + New Note button at the top of the note panel on the left

  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

    Step 1: Create a note

    Tap the green plus button (+)

  • Android

    Step 1: Create a note

    Tap the green plus button (+)


Step 2Add some content

Adding text to note

Once you've created a note, give it a name so it's easy to find later, and enter some text. Unless you choose otherwise, new notes are saved to the default notebook.


Step 3Find notes on your phone and computer

search bar

Type your search query into the bar above the note list.



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