How to recover missing notes

How to recover missing notes
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How to recover missing notes

Missing an entire note?

If you’re missing an entire note, there are two things you can do:

  1. Check your 'Trash' notebook
  2. Search your account from Evernote Web

Check your 'Trash' notebook

The first thing you should do is check your ‘Trash’ notebook, in case the note was inadvertently deleted. The ‘Trash’ notebook is the last notebook in your notebooks list. Notes in the ‘Trash’ notebook do not appear in search results, so you’ll need to browse the ‘Trash’ notebook manually. To move a note out of the ‘Trash’ notebook, click Restore note.

Evernote Business customers have two ‘Trash’ notebooks: one for personal notes and one for business notes. The business ‘Trash’ notebook contains all the notes that have been deleted from business notebooks that you’ve created or are joined to. You can view and restore notes from your business trash, but only an Evernote Business account admin can empty the trash from the admin console.

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Search your account from Evernote Web

If you do not see the note in the ‘Trash’ notebook, log in to your account in Evernote Web to check if it’s in your note list or in the ‘Trash’ notebook. If you see the note in Evernote Web, there is likely a sync error on one of your devices that you’ll need to troubleshoot.


Missing note content?

If you're trying to recover missing content from a particular note, there are a few things you could try:

  • If you’re a Premium subscriber: Try checking your Note History. Note history is available on our desktop clients for Mac, Windows Desktop, and on Evernote Web.

    More about how to access and use note history

  • If you can't find it in note history: If you don’t see the correct version of your note in note history, try searching your account for 'conflicting modifications' or 'conflicting changes'. It’s possible that the version of the note you’re looking for ran into a problem and did not sync. If you find a conflicting note, copy the contents from that note back to the original note or to a new note, and sync again.

  • If you have a recent backup (Windows): If you created the note in Evernote for Windows Desktop and are unable to locate your note, but have a recent backup of your device, you may be able to recover the note.

    More about how to back up and restore account backups on Windows computers

  • If you are on Mac or don't have a backup (Windows): If you're missing note content in Evernote for Mac and have a backup, or are missing note content in Evernote for Windows Desktop but don't have a backup, contact us so we can help you in your attempt to recover your note(s).

When submitting a report:

  1. Select 'Report data loss' in the 'What can we help with?' field on the support ticket form
  2. Specify the device you were using when the data loss occurred
  3. Enter a brief sentence or two about where you last saw the correct version
  4. Attach an activity log from the device on which you last saw the note



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