How to check spelling in Evernote

How to check spelling in Evernote

How to check spelling in Evernote

If a word in your Evernote client does not match your device's dictionary, the word will be called out with a red squiggled underline. You can right-click the word to see spelling correction suggestions.

Mac and Windows Desktop

Select the note and click in the note editor to begin editing. Check the spelling of that note by clicking Edit > Spelling and Grammar (Mac) or Edit > Check Spelling (Windows)

Mobile devices

Although there is no spell check mode in Evernote mobile clients, your mobile device will predict incorrect words as you type them. If you wish to run a full spell check, you can sync your notes and run spell check using Evernote for Mac or Windows Desktop.

Web browser

Most browsers will underline incorrect words as you type. Simply right-click to see word suggestions. On Mac, select the note and click the note editor to begin. Then, to see the full spelling check of the note, click Edit > Spelling and Grammar.



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