How to use Evernote for Salesforce

Heads up! We are discontinuing support for the 'Evernote for Salesforce' integration starting October 2023

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Evernote for Salesforce helps you capture all the rich information that you need to effectively deepen your relationships.

With Evernote for Salesforce, you can pin important notes to a record for quick and easy access, create new notes, and search for important Evernote notes—all directly in Salesforce. You can:

  • View pinned and related notes. View the notes that you and your team have pinned from Evernote. Related notes are automatically suggested.
  • Search Evernote. Find notes inside your Evernote account that contain the keyword in any typed or handwritten text or inside an attached file.
  • Create and pin new notes. Create a new pinned note directly in Salesforce that syncs to Evernote.

Get Started

Salesforce administrators must install Evernote for Salesforce for their team then add Evernote to the page layouts. Evernote for Salesforce is great for opportunities, leads, accounts, contacts, and even custom objects. To get started:

  1. Go to the Evernote for Salesforce page.
  2. Sign in to Salesforce.
  3. Complete setup and installation.


  • For Evernote Teams accounts created before September 15, 2017, Salesforce will default to your team notes when you search for and pin notes. If you’d like to pin a note from an individual account, the note content will be copied to a team note in your default team notebook, then pinned.
  • Some customers might see an error message stating, "You’re installing a Non-Salesforce Application that is not authorized for distribution as part of Salesforce’s AppExchange Partner Program." This message can be ignored to complete installation.

Using Evernote for Salesforce

Evernote for Salesforce app

To pin a note from Evernote, open the search tab by clicking the magnifying glass. You can search for a specific note or view recent notes. To search for a specific note, use the search bar on the right. To create a new pinned note, click the green new note (+) button.

To view pinned notes, click the pin button (thumbtack). To view notes related to the ones already pinned, click the related notes button (overlapping circles).

Whenever a note is created or pinned by someone on your team, the event will be displayed in your Salesforce Activity History, allowing salespeople and sales managers to report on their activities.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which editions of Salesforce does Evernote for Salesforce work with?

Evernote for Salesforce is available to customers using the following editions of Salesforce: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance.


Which web browsers are supported?

We recommend Chrome or Safari for the best experience. However, we also support Edge, Firefox, and Opera.


How do I connect my Salesforce account and my Evernote account?

In Evernote for Salesforce, click the green Connect button and sign in with your Evernote login information.

Note: Only an Evernote Teams account admin can link an Evernote Teams account with Evernote for Salesforce. After the team account is linked, members of the team can connect Salesforce and Evernote.


Can a Salesforce administrator control who can pin and unpin notes?

The Salesforce administrator can control who can see and use Evernote for Salesforce. All users who have been given access to Evernote for Salesforce by the administrator are able to pin and unpin notes.


Who can pin and view my notes?

You can pin notes that you have created or, in the case of Evernote Teams, have access to via a joined team notebook. You can only view pinned notes from notebooks that you’re joined to or that have been shared with you.

Keep in mind: When a note is pinned by someone who has ‘Can edit and invite’ permissions, the note is shared with all users in Evernote Teams. If you pin a note and do not have permission to invite others, the note will be pinned but will only be visible by users who already have permission to view the note.


What does it mean to “share with the team”?

When you pin a note in Evernote for Salesforce, the note will be shared with your team. This allows your Salesforce colleagues to view all the notes that you pin without needing to navigate through the various sharing rules in Evernote. Learn more >>


How can I see a list of recently created or pinned notes?

Check your Salesforce Chatter feed or Activity History to see events related to Evernote.


Does Evernote affect Salesforce access privileges?

No. Evernote permissions control access to notes and Salesforce permissions control access to records. Neither Evernote nor Salesforce can change access permissions for the other system.


I no longer see a note that was pinned to a record. Where did it go?

If a note is missing, it was either unpinned from the record, deleted from within Evernote, or the sharing settings were changed and you no longer have permission to view it.


How often do changes made in Evernote get updated to pinned notes in Salesforce, and vice versa?

Notes are synced and updated every time you open or edit a note inside Evernote for Salesforce and Evernote Web. It may take a few minutes if you made the edit using an Evernote app.


What happens to the notes that are pinned to a lead when it gets converted to an opportunity?

Notes will stay pinned to a lead when it becomes an opportunity. The same is true when the lead is converted to a contact or account.


Can I add Evernote to custom objects in Salesforce?

Yes. We’ve created a guide to walk you through adding Evernote to Salesforce custom objects.



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