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Tags let you add keywords to notes, making them easier to find and browse when you’ve got a lot of them. Use tags when a note might apply to more than one category or when you want to filter results in a certain notebook by a keyword. You could use tags to associate notes with categories, memories or locations.

For example, you may create tags for:

  • Personal organization: Add a tag for each member of your family, or for the frequency you need to reference it, such as a grocery list or to-do list (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • School: Add a tag for each of your subjects, or for individual semesters.
  • Project management: Add a tag to identify the project state (active, next, completed) or to the spec number or feature.
  • Task management: Add a priority label to notes (p1, p2, p3).
  • Recruiting: Add a tag for the location of a position or the hiring manager (nyc, tokyo).
  • Research: Add a tag for the relevant company or project.

To learn how to create a tag, visit Create a tag.

More tips

Explore the following tips for other ways to work with tags:

  • Create shortcuts to tags for quick access to all notes with the same tag. Learn more
  • Create an organizational structure or naming conventions for notes, notebooks, and tags. Learn more



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  • manage tags
  • apply tags
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