Evernote Teams Quick Start Guide

Get started with Evernote Teams in 4 easy steps:

  1. Create an Evernote Teams account
  2. Create company-wide spaces and add content
  3. Invite your team
  4. Share spaces with the team

For a more comprehensive walk-through of setting up an Evernote Teams account, see the Evernote Teams Deployment Guide.


1. Create an Evernote Teams account

To create an Evernote account for your team:

  1. Go to the Evernote Teams website and click Start free trial.
  2. Fill out the form with your full name, the name of your team, your team email address, and an account password.

If you already have an Evernote account and would like to use the email address associated with that account for your new Evernote Teams account, you’ll be prompted to sign in and choose a different email address for your existing individual account so you can use your team email address for the new account.

Learn more >>

2. Create company-wide spaces and add content

Once you’ve created a space, start adding notes for your team to reference. Here are some examples of the types of content you can add to spaces:

  • Project timelines, briefs, and status reports
  • Web clips and articles
  • Photographs
  • Copy drafts
  • Budget spreadsheets
  • Meeting notes with action items

Parse out project details in notes together in real-time. Everyone on the team can work together simultaneously to contribute ideas, track deadlines, and share feedback, all within a single note. Learn more >>

At project brainstorming meetings, capture a photo of the ideas on a whiteboard with the Evernote mobile app’s built-in camera. All your team’s great ideas are gathered with the rest of the project details. More ideas >>

3. Invite your team

Send invitations to join the team from the admin console:

  1. Click Add Users from the navigation menu
  2. Enter the team email address of each person you'd like to invite
  3. Click Invite when you're ready to send the invitations

Each person will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to join the account.

4. Share spaces with the team

Once you've created some team spaces, you can share them with everyone on the team by listing them in the Directory. Once shared, anyone who is a part of the account is authorized to join a space and view all of its contents.

Note: Account admins and notebook owners can grant additional 'edit' and 'edit and invite' permissions to anyone or everyone on the team.

Tip: Employees in a company are usually expected to follow company policies with regards to disclosing company information. Be sure to have a clear understanding of these policies before you share team notes with people outside of the company via email or as a public link (URL). As an account admin, you will be able to view and manage users and permissions for each team notebook.

Useful resources

For more details about how to get started with Evernote Teams, check out the following resources:



  • account admin
  • business admin


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