Usernames are system values that are automatically generated when you initially sign up for Evernote and aren't meant to be changed. They are used primarily for internal system processes.

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How can I change the way my name appears to others?

Your account profile name is the primary way others will identify you when sharing notes in Evernote. This profile name is the full name you'd like to display.

To change your profile name, go to your 'Account Settings' page, then go to the 'Personal Settings' page and enter your name in the 'Full name' field.

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How can I change my account login details?

The email address you first use to register for your account is the primary way Evernote identifies you as the owner of a particular Evernote account. Use this email address to log in to Evernote.

To change your account login email, go to the 'Security Summary' section on your 'Account Settings' page.

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Can I customize my incoming Evernote email address so that it's easier to remember?

No. Your incoming email address can be reset from time to time as a safety precaution, but you cannot customize it with a specific address.

The email address you use to send notes to Evernote is automatically generated and is only intended for your personal use. It has been designed to prevent unauthorized people from easily remembering and using it to send content to your Evernote account.

For quick access to your Evernote incoming email address, simply save it to your contacts in your email application, as you would any other contact. Create a new contact using your incoming email address and name it "Send to Evernote" or "To Evernote", for example. Next time you'd like to save or forward an email to Evernote, select the contact from your email list.

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