Set up LDAP or Active Directory using with Evernote Teams

Programmatic User Management for Evernote Teams

Evernote Teams connects with your current Active Directory or LDAP solution, letting you invite or remove Evernote Teams users right from within your existing administrative console. Services like Okta, the first provisioning partner fully integrated with Evernote Teams, enable this simple user management in minutes.

Key benefits

  • Connect Evernote Teams to Active Directory / LDAP and automatically add and remove employees through your existing admin console
  • Improve security and control of apps, users, and data
  • Reduce administration time spent on provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Easily demonstrate compliance to 3rd party auditors
  • Increase application roll out efficiency and usage ROI
  • Reduce security threat to sensitive data loss by severing access

How to use it

Use a service such as Okta to enable programmatic user management in minutes.

  1. Sign up for a system such as Okta
  2. Configure the service to recognize your Active Directory / LDAP groups and users
  3. Users are automatically added or removed from Evernote Teams as they join and move around your organization

For more details, see the Okta website.


  • okta
  • active directory
  • ldap
  • single sign on
  • single sign-on
  • sso
  • evernote business sso
  • evernote teams sso


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