Save Skitch images in different file formats on Mac

With Skitch for Mac you can save your Skitch images in PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPG and BMP formats by doing the following:

Using the 'Drag Me' Tab

  1. Click the file format dropdown on the 'Drag Me' tab
  2. Select the file format you want to save your Skitch image as
  3. Click and drag the 'Drag Me' tab to anywhere on your Mac. A copy of the Skitch image in the selected file format will be created there. The original Skitch image will remain in your Evernote account

Using the Export Menu

  1. Select File > Export...
  2. Navigate to where you want the file to be saved
  3. Enter a filename in the Export As field
  4. Choose a file type from the Export Format drop-down
  5. Click Save


Note: We no longer offer bug fixes for vulnerabilities or any other updates, including security patches, for Skitch



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