Preferences in Skitch for Mac

Preferences in Skitch for Mac
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Preferences in Skitch for Mac

You can access preferences in Skitch for Mac by selecting File > Preferences from the menu bar.

Settings you can configure or manage

'General' settings

  • Choose to place arrowheads at the beginning of a shape
  • Choose to create new text nodes in the canvas
  • Choose to auto-expand the canvas
  • Choose to show advanced options after a screen snap
  • Set the delay on a timed screen snap
  • Set the size scale for imported PDFs
  • Turn Skitch Helper on or off

'Sync' settings

  • Choose whether to automatically or manually save Skitch images to Evernote
  • Choose a default notebook in Evernote for Skitch images
  • Choose the frequency that Skitch syncs with Evernote

'Sharing' settings

  • Choose to automatically share and copy link after creating new Skitch images
  • Set up server settings for sharing

More options for sharing in Skitch

'Software Update' settings

  • Check for Skitch updates
  • Choose to update to beta versions

Note: We no longer offer bug fixes for vulnerabilities or any other updates, including security patches, for Skitch


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