Penultimate paper options

Penultimate paper options
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Penultimate paper options

Screenshot of paper options

Penultimate ships with several options for “papers” (page backgrounds that resemble real-life paper styles): plain paper, graph paper and lined paper are all included by default when you install Penultimate.

For more paper options to choose from, tap the paper button (lined paper) to display the paper options bar, then tap the 'Basic' collection or 'Get More' to browse additional collections for sale via in-app purchase.

Custom paper types

Penultimate supports the use of custom papers. These custom papers are made from images pulled from your iPad’s photo storage.

To add a custom paper:

  • Tap the new note button at the bottom of the screen when viewing all notes.
  • Tap Basic, then Custom.
  • Choose the photo or image you’d like to use as the background of your custom paper.
  • Give the new paper a descriptive name.
  • Tap outside the popover to save your new custom paper. Now, you can choose it as your paper by selecting it from the My Papers submenu in the paper type selection area.

For best results, resize your image to 715 x 865 pixels before adding it as a custom paper.


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